,,We have received word that the NESHL closed its doors effective immediately and many players, teams and rinks were blindsided by this news!

Valley Rinks have been the hub facilities for the NESHL North for many years and we are prepared to step in and offer uninterrupted play and a seamless transition with the NBSHL.  Please visit the new website which Valley Rinks and the VHL launched yesterday NBSHL.com.

The NBSHL is controlled by the rink owners.  Therefore, we have the ability to offer the best pricing by eliminating third party vendors.  The NBSHL will also offer the best product in the marketplace through the technical and staff support of the largest hockey league operator in New England, Valley Associates; operator of:  VHL, E9, BHL, NEHL, VMSHL, WHLB, Hockeytown Mens League, CPC, TMSHL and many more.

At this time, we ask that all NESHL North team captains contact us by visting our website NBSHL.com and filling out a team captain interest form.

There is no fee, this is simply to let the NBSHL know that your team is interesting in continuing play North of Boston.  We will be conducting an informational Zoom Meeting with all team captains in the next couple weeks.

We look forward to working with all of you this Summer and beyond!